“This trip has been absolutely fabulous! Being in this stunning part of Italy has been a thrill… especially memorable experiencing Piemonte with our wonderful guides/hosts: Lorena and Matthew.” – Susane

“Food was phenomenal… atmosphere outstanding!! Excursions-perfect, well paced. All around I couldn’t have been happier and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.” – Donnalee

“For me this was a trip of a lifetime and the memories I will remember fondly for many many years!  When I tell people here about everything we crammed into ten days they are blown away by what we saw and did!  So many memories!! I enjoyed all the trips but I think the first night at the castle set the tone for a wonderful experience.  The food was first rate and I loved that we didn’t have to worry about meals, they just happened.  The opportunity to eat at some local authentic establishments was great. The accommodation was spectacular. As well, Lorena and Matthew, the two of you were “on” all the time, driving, cooking, and even posing (Lorena) and your extraordinary effort is much appreciated. Thank you all for a wonderful authentic Piedmont and Portrait Painting experience.” – Rena

“The Piedmont Portrait Workshop trip totally exceeded my expectations. The best thing was I felt I got a sense of what real life in Piemonte is like – I was not just a tourist wrapped in bubblewrap. It was the guides/organizers Lorena and Matthew that made it so special – their hard work, excellent cooking, unfailing enthusiasm, patience and support made it a stellar experience. From the beginning, the plans and descriptions showed these guys had a good concept and understanding of what would appeal to the target group, and they were ready to answer all the detailed questions (again and again sometimes!). It was good to have a relatively detailed plan, which was flexible enough to take advantage of local events, but enabled the group to experience the totality. At no time did I feel “programmed”. I loved the food at Borgo Balin – great ingredients, superbly prepared, a good variety and plenty of it. All of the excursions were enjoyable and interesting, and I felt they were a good selection of activities. I think of them as “appetizers” – each in its own way piqued my interest and I want to know and do more. I am starting to sound boring – it was WONDERFUL, great value for money and I want to do another one! How about New Year in Turin?” – Elizabeth

“Thanks again and again for a great visit to Piemonte and for the wonderful happenings and memories that will see us through many winters in Canada.” – Gary and Melodie